After I pay, when do I receive the first tips?

After your payment has been processed and confirmed, we will send you our first tips. If the tips have already been highlighted that day, we will send them the next day at the latest.

What kind of payment plans do you have?

   We offer four kinds of payment plans:

One day—with the option to renew your subscription

3 Days—with the option to renew your subscription

 6 Days—with the option to renew your subscription + (BONUS)

10 Days—for those with long-term goals + (BONUSES)

  • What are the available payment options?

    We gladly accept payments via Western Union , MoneyGram , Ria , PayPal, Skrill , BTC

    Can I request for a free trial tip from you?

    Our team work hard to be able to provide you with the highest possible service. However, we encourage you to follow our social media pages, where we occasionally share some free tips.

    How many tips do you send per day?

    We’ll share our best two to four tips a day, but please note that there may be days when we don’t share a tip at all. If we feel the daily offer is too weak, we’d rather miss a day than share a tip with you that we don’t fully believe in.

    What time do you send your tips on match days?

    All tips are sent several hours before the game starts. Don’t worry, we have clients from all over the world, so we make sure everyone has time to place their bets and win!

    What should I do if I have more questions?

    If you have more questions you should contact us via e-mail. We will try our best to answer your questions as soon as possible.